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Using short codes at TutnIQ - TutnIQ
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  • Getting technical

    In this section we learn how to refer to shortcodes literally (escaping) and briefly discuss the various technical, niche shortcodes available at TutnIQ.

  • Escaping shortcodes

    If you need to refer to a literal shortcode (i.e. without the shortcode being processed) we recommend that you use Markdown inline code snippets and code blocks.

    For example, if we wanted to refer to the [table] shortcode in a code snippet, we could simply enclose the code snippet with back ticks ( ` ). Typed as: `[table]`.

    No special escaping is required when referring to shortcodes in Markdown code snippets or blocks.

    There are other ways of escaping shortcodes, however, we do not recommend their use as:

    • We told you not to! (What works today might not work tomorrow because of changes to our software - we will not warn you if we change undocumented features).
    • TutnIQ only supports shortcodes in tutorial / course textblocks, FAQ answers and glossary defininitions - Markdown can be more widely used.
    • Undocumented "features" or methods may be buggy.
  • Other shortcodes

    TutnIQ offers a number of shortcodes which serve niche or technical purposes

    Break out of Markdown lists: [listbreak /]

    Create Markdown code blocks immediately after Markdown lists by breaking out of the list with the listbreak shortcode. Find out how to use the listbreak shortcode at our Markdown tutorial

    Create chessboards: [chess]

    Create chessboards with the chess shortcode. Check out the tutorial to find out how!

    Chess pieces : [cp]

    Insert chess pieces into your tutorials, FAQs and glossaries with the cp shortcode. Study the tutorial to find out how!

    Compatibility with other shortcode API's

    Our shortcode API is based on that of Wordpress, but may deviate where necessary to meet the needs of the TutnIQ platform.


    If you notice any bugs please contact support.

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