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  • In this tutorial we will show you how to add quizzes to your TutnIQ courses and tutorials.

  • Introducing quizzes at TutnIQ

    Give your courses and tutorials interactive spark by adding a quiz! Serious or silly, the choice is up to you.

  • About TutnIQ quizzes

    TutnIQ quizzes are inline, this means that they form part of the flow of the course and are not hidden away on a separate page. Users can test their knowledge immediately after learning something, and course creators can use quizzes as a way of sharing their knowledge.

  • True or false

    TutnIQ quizzes can be used as an inline part of a course or tutorial?

    Please select the correct answer:

    out of points awarded.

  • This course is just a demo. This means that it is a little different to the other quizzes on TutnIQ. Specifically:

    • You do not have to be signed-in to do more than 5 questions.
    • We are not tracking your answers, results or progress.
    • This results of this course will NOT appear on your public listing of completed courses. Sorry!
    • Simply reload the page to try answering the questions differently.

    Currently, only system administrators are able to create demo quizzes.

    Quiz questions are publicly visible, but users must be signed-in to do more than the first five questions of a course or tutorial. This serves to encourage users to join TutnIQ, and is also a lightweight anti-cheating mechanism.

    Users may do a quiz as many times as they want, but we do keep track of the number of attempts that they make (if they are signed-in). The number of attempts appears on the users public listing of completed courses.

    A public record of a user's completed courses is available from the user's profile page, for example: Michael Lockyear's completed courses listing. We discuss this further in a separate tutorial, Manage your course results.

  • Which of the following statements about TutnIQ quizzes is true?

    Please select the correct answer(s):

    out of points awarded.

  • Types of question:

    We currently only support one type of question, the multiple choice question, but this is quite versatile, allowing you to create:

    • true / false questions(1 correct, 1 incorrect answer);
    • yes / no question (1 correct, 1 incorrect answer);
    • traditional multiple choice questions (1 correct answer, multiple incorrect answers); and
    • multiple response questions (multiple correct answers).

    This is demonstrated below:

  • Traditional multiple choice

    What is 1 + 1?

    Please select the correct answer:

    out of points awarded.

  • Multiple response

    Please select the statements which correctly describe cats.

    Please select the correct answer(s):

    out of points awarded.

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