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Manage your course results

Management of completed and in-progress courses

  • In this tutorial we will explain how you can manage your completed courses and in-progress courses.

  • Your in-progress courses

    In this section we learn how to manage our in-progress courses.

  • If you are signed-in, and complete a quiz question we will keep track of your score for that question. If you return to the course within 30 days of answering a question for a course we will indicate the score you achieved for the question. We also provide a progress indicator showing:

    • The number of questions you have completed compared to the total number of questions; and
    • Your cumulative score as a percentage (green = passing, red=not passing).

    You have 30 days to complete all of the questions. If you have not completed the course within 30 days, your incomplete quiz results will automatically reset.

    You can also manually reset your quiz results for an in-progress course, or access your in-progress courses as follows:

    1. Click 'My Account'.
    2. Click My In-progress courses
    3. Click 'Reset' to reset a course (i.e. quiz).

    If you reset a course it will be removed from your listing of in-progress courses. We attempt to permanently keep track of the number of times you attempt a course - this cannot be reset.

    If a course is deactivated it will be remain on the listing for 30 days, but you will not be able to access the course. If the course is reactivated within 30 days it will become accessible again.

    Your result for a completed question, as part of an in-progress course, will be reset if the question is modified or deleted by the course author.

    Your listing of in-progress courses is not publicly accessible.

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