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How to create your first TutnIQ course - TutnIQ
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  • Getting started: Inititial course setup

    In this section we will learn how to set up a new TutnIQ course or tutorial.

  • Creating a course

    1. Click the "Create a new course!" link at the top of the page, or on the left side of the screen in the course manager.

    2. If you are not signed-in, you will be prompted to sign into TutnIQ.

    3. Complete the new course form (you can change the information later if you want to): Course title (i.e. name) and category are required. Please select the correct course category so that visitors to the site can find your course.

    4. Optionally provide an introduction (will appear at the top of the course) and tags (will make it easier for users to discover your course).

    5. Once the course has been set up, the course builder will open. In the course builder you can:

      • Add content;
      • Activate an unpublished course (i.e. make the course public);
      • Deactivate a published course; and
      • Change the sequence of course items (via drag and drop). Sequence changes are saved automatically every few changes, or after a few minutes. You can also manually save sequencing changes.

    The course creation process is demonstrated in the following embedded slideshow:

  • TutnIQ course setup

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