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Glossary: TutniQ Dream Dictionary - TutnIQ

TutniQ Dream Dictionary

Interpret your dreams

The TutnIQ Dream Dictionary has interpretations for over 5 000 dreams, and serves as a demonstration of how TutnIQ handles a large glossary.


  • TTD = Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller (dated approx. 1910 - and now in the public domain in the all of the countries that matter). We have edited the content by changing the spelling in a few instances and by removing potentially politically incorrect terms (Negro, Jew, Gypsy, Mulatto). If we have missed anything, have a laugh and ponder the attitudes of the time. If you find yourself having politically incorrect dreams you should probably get mental help, or contact the the thought dream police.

  • Dreaming boy picture: created from a number of public domain elements obtained from http://www.clker.com.

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