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Definition of the term: acorn


For a woman to eat them, denotes that she will rise from a station of labor to a position of ease and pleasure. (source:ttd)

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Seeing acorns in dreams, is portent of pleasant things ahead, and much gain is to be expected. (source:ttd)

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To pick them from the ground, foretells success after weary labors (source:ttd)

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To pull them green from the trees, you will injure your interests by haste and indiscretion. (source:ttd)

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To see green-growing acorns, or to see them scattered over the ground, affairs will change for the better. Decayed or blasted acorns have import of disappointments and reverses. (source:ttd)

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To shake them from the trees, denotes that you will rapidly attain your wishes in business or love. (source:ttd)

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