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Definition of the term: eggs


To dream of being spattered with eggs, denotes that you will sport riches of doubtful origin. (source:ttd)

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To dream of finding a nest of eggs, denotes wealth of a substantial character, happiness among the married and many children. This dream signifies many and varied love affairs to women. (source:ttd)

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To dream of rotten eggs, denotes loss of property and degradation. (source:ttd)

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To eat eggs, denotes that unusual disturbances threaten you in your home. (source:ttd)

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To see a crate of eggs, denotes that you will engage in profitable speculations. (source:ttd)

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To see bird eggs, signifies legacies from distant relations, or gain from an unexpected rise in staple products. (source:ttd)

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To see broken eggs and they are fresh, fortune is ready to shower upon you her richest gifts. A lofty spirit and high regard for justice will make you beloved by the world. (source:ttd)

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