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Definition of the term: explosion


To dream of explosions, portends that disapproving actions of those connected with you will cause you transient displeasure and loss, and that business will also displease you. To think your face, or the face of others, is blackened or mutilated, signifies you will be accused of indiscretion which will be unjust, though circumstances may convict you. (source:ttd)

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To see the air filled with smoke and debris, denotes unusual dissatisfaction in business circles and much social antagonism. (source:ttd)

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To think you are enveloped in the flames, or are up in the air where you have been blown by an explosion, foretells that unworthy friends will infringe on your rights and will abuse your confidence. Young women should be careful of associates of the opposite sex after a dream of this character. (source:ttd)

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