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Definition of the term: ice


Bathing in ice-water, anticipated pleasures will be interrupted with an unforeseen event. (source:ttd)

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Eating ice, foretells sickness. If you drink ice-water, you will bring ill health from dissipation. (source:ttd)

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For a young woman to walk on ice, is a warning that only a thin veil hides her from shame. (source:ttd)

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To dream of ice, betokens much distress, and evil-minded persons will seek to injure you in your best work. (source:ttd)

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To dream that you make ice, you will make a failure of your life through egotism and selfishness. (source:ttd)

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To dream that you walk on ice, you risk much solid comfort and respect for evanescent joys. (source:ttd)

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To see ice floating in a stream of clear water, denotes that your happiness will be interrupted by ill-tempered and jealous friends. (source:ttd)

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To see icicles on the eaves of houses, denotes misery and want of comfort. Ill health is foreboded. (source:ttd)

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To see icicles on the fence, denotes suffering bodily and mentally. (source:ttd)

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To see them on evergreens, a bright future will be overcast with the shadow of doubtful honours. (source:ttd)

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To see them on trees, despondent hopes will grow gloomier. (source:ttd)

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